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About Us

Unique handmade items and custom designs!

I am a one person business working from my home in Christchurch New Zealand. 

I have always loved home decore and design.

I love colour and have to remind myself that others like things a bit more muted, grey is never my first option for an Item its just not me.

I am always looking for new Items and designs to make and am perfecting techniques as I go.


Our Story

I came to making earrings and home wares in a very round about way.

My first product was not actually one I made myself but one I designed and went through the process of having manufactured, the Essentialized Wallet.

My wallets came about as I am an essential oil user and was frustrated by having several pouches or small bags in my handbag to carry around the oils, lipstick and hand sanitiser I wanted with me. This started my online shop journey.

This is a strange start to home decor and earrings!

I decided I wanted to make my own labels and business cards so had to buy a Cricut! I then started experimenting with decorating coasters.

I have always liked to create and saw amazing products online and decided I wanted to give it a try. I started with the earrings and instantly fell in love with the designing and making these unique items.

This led me to want to try poured earrings and trinket dishes and coasters but I found that resin is a very toxic substance in its raw form, that required a lot of safety gear to be able to use. Because of this I searched for a more eco friendly product to create items with. I discovered Eco Resin and the rest is history.

I am always looking for new moulds and products to add to my offering, and love seeing the finished Items I have created.

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